I’ll never go to a meeting again


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A message coming from Saint-Malo…

Sillon beach, Saint-Malo, Tuesday August 25, 2020, beach art by Jben.

Jben is a beach artist who is open to the world around him. His work raises awareness of great humanitarian causes and today's environmental issues. They are individual works of art that resonate with entire groups.How many times have you walked out of a meeting thinking to yourself, "never again"? And yet meetings are the ideal opportunity to move forward as a team; to share and debate ideas, make decisions, and build big projects… At the moment, we can no longer go to meetings like we did just a few months ago.The meeting is dead, long live the meeting! How we work is changing and redefining what makes an efficient meeting.Top-down meetings are out; meetings where everyone can express their ideas are in. Meetings with everyone in the same room are over; the time has come for hybrid meetings: a few people in the room, or on several sites, others working remotely… No more wasted time, censoring of divergent ideas, or the hassle of being there in person… It’s time for creativity and fun; meetings that are efficient because people want to be there.

JBen the “transandent” artist

Jehan-Benjamin Tarain developed a passion for beach art in 2014, and soon became a key figure of this art form in France. Now known by his pseudonym, Jben, he practices his craft on beaches all over France, as well as further afield, from the USA, to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Morocco, among others.

Jben regularly takes part in beach art projects that are open to everyone. Their aim is to develop creativity and give this ephemeral art form a collective dimension.

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