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The 30 essential minutes for Margaux and her team

Margaux Chiquet
Margaux ChiquetMargaux Chiquet, associate and co-manager at the iGi Institute

Margaux Chiquet is an iGi Institute associate. She's been working remotely for several and was quickly convinced by the interactive and human dimension of the platform. She uses the Weekly template to facilitate her Monday morning weekly meeting. In 30 minutes, she starts the week with her team and align everyone's priorities.

When working remotely, informal talks during coffee breaks for example do not exist. Klaxoon enables us to have a better team spirit, to get the week off to a good start and most importantly to line up.

30 minutes to sync remotely on the up-coming week.

How to get your team’s week off to a good start

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With Weekly Template, sync up with your team every week in less than 30 minutes.

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