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Public service: Julien and his agents work remotely with Klaxoon

Julien Kounowski
Julien KounowskiDepartment manager at the Regional Department for Youth, Sports, and Social Cohesion

Julien is a project manager at SIILAB, a laboratory for regional innovation in solidarity and the social economy, which is part of the DRJSCS. He is in charge of a team of 15 agents who needed to continue to work and pursue the department’s objectives remotely. For this, Julien added a remote team management Brainstorm to the agents' Network. Thanks to Brainstorm, the team can stay in touch, move its projects forward, and collaborate efficiently, even remotely!

Klaxoon has enabled us to recreate a physical workplace as best we could by giving all of the department's agents visibility and the ability to see what the rest of the team is doing.

Synchronizing and collaborating efficiently with Brainstorm

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