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The customer journey
map and represent visually how your customers interact with your brand

With the Customer Journey Template, represent visually your touchpoints with your clients and identify easily how to improve your brand performance.

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Optimize your customer journey to reach your targets more accurately.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and reflect on how they come to discover and interact with your brand: what channels do they use to interact with your products/services? What emotions does your brand create? What’s making your customers tick and what’s a major turn off, etc.?
Gather in the same workspace all the necessary information you need to understand how your customers behave and react in contact with your brand at the different stages of the journey. From discovering your offer to loyalty building, work in team to design and set their experience of your brand, from touchpoints to emotions generated and identify potential blockers and areas of improvement. Thanks to the Customer Journey Template, build collectively a unique and personalized experience in order to improve the impact of your marketing actions.

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