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Patrick's tip to start a meeting right on time

Patrick Chossat
Patrick ChossatProcess Improvement Manager, RGIS

Patrick is a Continuous Improvement and Management Systems Specialist at RGIS. He manages a network of 15 trainers located on several sites. Every week, Patrick and his team synchronize at their weekly meeting. To improve participation in this team meeting, Patrick always starts his meeting with an icebreaker. Each time, a different question awaits them. Thanks to the question, 100% of the team is connected at the desired time.

Since we've been using Klaxoon, my participants quickly get into the meeting dynamic.

With the Icebreaker Template, Patrick engages his team before the meeting begins.

100% participation at my remote meetings

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With the Icebreaker Template, kickstart a work session, get everyone to speak, stimulate curiosity, make a first contact and move the team forward!

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