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Yulia, trainer, digitizes her 3-hour course with Klaxoon

Yulia Leborgne
Yulia LeborgneDigital communication teacher

Yulia Leborgne works as a digital marketing teacher at several journalism and business schools in Lyon, France. In order to teach remotely and keep her students interested and engaged, Yulia uses Klaxoon. Yulia's classes are lively and interactive, combining theory and practice: The students remain focused, they assimilate the content, and everyone can express themselves, even remotely!

The students told me it was the best distance learning course they’ve ever had! I haven't reinvented the wheel, but from how they reacted to it, clearly they found it exceptional.

Creating digital lessons means transforming how you teach

How to prepare and teach online classes

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With this 6-step instruction manual, find out how Yulia and her students create an effective distance learning course.

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