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Design a learning path
align the learning objectives, modalities and resources

With the Design a learning path Template, you, along with your coworkers, can visually create a step-by-step learning itinerary, whether you are in the classroom or remote.

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Use visual management and advance step by step, which you can repeat as many times as necessary!

The path, or pedagogical itinerary, is the backbone of a training course. It is the reference document that details the pedagogical goals needed in order to meet the training objective. Thus, all stakeholders are able to address together a key step of creating a training course in an iterative way.

Thanks to the template Design A Learning Path, whether you are in the classroom or remote, you can leverage the power of visual management to lay out all your ideas, present a first draft and then refine it to make sure nothing is forgotten. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be able to visualize the complete course and add in educational resources as soon as they are available. In the end, you have everything you need to animate your session with peace of mind!

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