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Merry uses the Bono's six thinking hats method to unlock creativity

Merry Strullu
Merry Strullu Consultant and trainer, Osons une pause

Consultant and managerial innovation trainer, Merry Strullu accompanies human resources and quality work life managers. When she facilitates her clients workshops, Merry is a collective intelligence method and collaborative dynamic enthusiast. To brainstorm effectively as a team, even remotely, Merry uses Klaxoon and its key activity: the Brainstorm. With Bono's 6 thinking hats method, the consultant builds creative ideation sessions leading to effective action plans.

The 6 thinking hats method enables to open the field of possibilities of a given subject, in order to obtain solutions and operational measures that involve the entire group as everyone participated!

Think differently to expand vision and potential solutions

Brainstorming: Test out the Six Thinking Hats Method!

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With the Bono's Six Thinking Hats Template, analyze as a team your project in different ways: neutral, optimistic, pessimistic...

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