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The PI Planning's digitization at Schneider Electric

Frédéric Delon
Frédéric DelonProject manager for IIoT solutions and RTE for the SAFe program, Schneider Electric

Frédéric Delon, Industrial Automation Project Manager at Schneider Electric, organizes PI Planning events every three months with 90 people from France, India, and the USA. He now uses Klaxoon for his 100%-remote PI Planning events. Just like with in-person events, he prepares and customizes his Brainstorm board with the Scrum Masters before the Agile Ceremony begins. They define a color code, and categories for each participant to fill in, and they prepare a Word Cloud to gauge the team's mood, and a Question for the vote of confidence. Then, Frédéric simply has to share the link with the participants when the day comes; they log on and the ceremony is underway in a matter of minutes! Everyone has the same visibility and the PI Planning event is fluid and clear, even when people aren't in the same place. In just two days, the team can determine together which functions must be developed over the next three months!

We had a good experience using Klaxoon for our remote PI Planning: It's simple and powerful, with high-level tech support! An excellent tool and an excellent company :-)

PI Planning, the flagship ceremony of the SAFe® framework

How to use Klaxoon to prepare and facilitate a PI Planning event

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With the PI Planning Template, line up all the teams of the program between them and engage them on the built and shared objectives during the planning.

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