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Scrum Master, Pierre facilitates his sprint retrospectives with Klaxoon.

Pierre Bernard
Pierre BernardScrum Master et Coach Agile at Ippon Technologies

Pierre accompanies and improves the work of teams that develop software solutions. Delivered in China, in the US and in France, the teams progress on their projects with Klaxoon. To facilitate his sprint retrospectives in full remote mode, Pierre draws from the Retrospective Template. With Brainstorm, teams find the "whiteboard" spirit again, which encourages creativity! Each participant shares its opinions to progress continuously, prioritize actions and continue projects autonomously. Meanwhile, Pierre capitalizes on each workshop: he creates models for his workshops to come et improve them by taking into account the participants' feedbacks.

Klaxoon enables to keep this creativity spirit, this "whiteboard" spirit where people can draw, sketch, show images, share and pick up on ideas dynamically and especially to save them.

Facilitate team meetings to free creativity, generate and prioritize ideas

#Scrum. How to facilitate online sprint retrospectives using Klaxoon

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With the Retrospective Template, take a step back and define your next team actions to be more efficient.

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