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Get on-board the Klaxoon truck with season one of Klaxoon's “the Teamwork tour” series. On the road across the United States, follow amazing teams joining the meeting revolution. Discover their stories, witness how it changes the way they interact, think, work and play for better teamwork...

"Everything ahead, as is ever so on the road", Jack Kerouac. On the road.
the pilot
the pilot
The time has come for the efficient meetings you have been waiting for. If you like sleeping in a meeting, you are not gonna like this.
Beginning of January.
A call for the meeting revolution.
episode 1: Las Vegas - the launch
episode 1: Las Vegas - the launch
January 9th. 6am in the Mojave Desert.
Far from the madding crowd, under the rising sun, awakens a new revolution.
Unveiling the Tour across the United States, Klaxoon teams welcome people from different horizons for the first workshops onboard the truck. Right now, right here, in the middle of the desert. 7000 miles and 16 cities to come.
#TheTeamworkTour #Klaxoon #MojaveDesert
episode 2: Los Angeles
episode 2: Los Angeles
In the city of angels, where stars are born and crowned, follow the tale of those who dare change the way they work.
Meet Jeff Willinger, top US influencer on the future of workplace. The time has come to take meetings to the next level.
episode 3: San Francisco
episode 3: San Francisco
Rolling down the Hills, to the Golden Gate bridge, the Klaxoon team is entering tech heaven. A city as creative and inspiring as its inhabitants, ready to share their day to day challenges.
episode 4: Portland
episode 4: Portland
Green, alternative, industrial: in this contrast-rich, strong-tempered city, the Team came across Doug Upchurch, consultant, coach, facilitator...and most of all, a Human being.
episode 5: Seattle
episode 5: Seattle
From the Space Needle to Microsoft’s HQ, the Klaxoon team took the Meeting Revolution sky-high in Seattle.
Shari Burk, a results-minded entrepreneur, is looking for a way to build on teamwork and break down the meeting walls.
Raman Kohli talks about Microsoft’s partnership with Klaxoon.

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