apps & products crafted
for you and your team

enjoy efficient meetings

  • Reach 100% participation

    In the same room or from a distance exchange simply within your team.

  • Get instant feedback

    Vote, polling, word clouds... the group's opinion is visualized in real-time.

  • Captivate attention

    Mix up the interactions, make sure that your message is well understood.

find the next big ideas

  • Never forget a great idea

    Launch a Brainstorm in a few clicks and start collecting ideas instantly.

  • Unleash team creativity

    Text, drawings, photos... choose how you wish to express yourself.

  • Get things done

    Classify ideas, step back and take in the big picture. Decision making made easy.

learn from each other

  • Vary different formats

    Dozens of activities to maximise collaboration within a group or from a distance.

  • Learning by playing

    Objective scores, progression mode... use gamification to challenge your team.

  • Continuous improvement

    Stats, satisfaction survey, evaluation... check your team's pulse.

with your team, every day

  • Stay connected with your team

    With Networks, create private workgroups and never miss what's going on.

  • Simplify collaboration

    Transform your work environment with Klaxoon tools.

  • Efficient, anywhere

    Mobile workspaces that facilitate collaboration and the sharing of information.

 meeting vote challenge storm

Turn spectators into actors.

A teamwork-focused set of activities to engage 100% of your team, obtain feedback and make decisions. Every meeting becomes efficient and enjoyable.

Votes, challenges, word clouds... give the floor to all attendees, visually organize the ideas together, collectively identify and solve problems. Time spent in meetings is cut in half and reports are automatically generated.

Together in a room or from a distance, bring the group together with participative, agile and efficient meetings.

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The ideal tool to go from idea to action.

Brainstorm is an unlimited canvas with a simple interface and endless possibilites to work as a team: share ideas, manage projects, participate in agile teambuilding workshops...

Structure ideas, iterate and expand upon your Brainstorm as long as you need. Everyone can follow the evolution of the Brainstorm in real-time, even from a distance.

From your smartphone to touch screen whiteboards, Klaxoon mixes natural ideation with powerful visual management.

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 adventure quiz survey capsule

Learn from each other.

Klaxoon offers a diversified collection of apps that maximizes collaboration within a group, encourages the sharing of experiences and promotes continuous improvement.

Capsules, quizzes, surveys, training courses: create content, add pictures and videos, use gamification techniques, collect opinions and evaluate understanding on a topic.

By getting the most out of the teams experience, learn from each other on a daily basis.

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Always in touch with your team.

Networks are private workspaces your teams create to focus on a topic: work on a project, prepare an event, share best practices...

Every day your teams, within a Network, share new activities, stay up-to-date and collaborate together no matter where they are.

With Klaxoon Networks, it doesn’t make a difference whether your team is in the same building or distributed across the world.

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No internet connection? Not a problem.

Thanks to Klaxoon Box, gather all Klaxoon activites and apps in the Box.

Set up working session for your team without any internet connection. A fully secured workspace available for your team everywhere in the world.

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Continuous improvement.

Feedback, evaluation, messages, questions... visualize the team opinion in real-time, make adjustements, move forward as a team or at your own pace.

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