the meeting

Turn spectators into actors.

Klaxoon revolutionizes the way we hold meetings. Bringing the team together, making decisions, collecting feedback... You’re going to love spending time in meetings!

smart ways to interact

Klaxoon, the teamwork platformAdventure, learning by playing

Powerful apps, endless possibilities.

With Klaxoon, you have a wide range of applications at your disposal to stimulate group discussion. Productivity tools, training material, experience sharing... harness the power of collective intelligence!


Klaxoon used by teams on smartphone, tablet or desktop
word cloud interactif online
live vote app
statistics and data visualization

Always in touch with your team.

Create new grounds from team players. Klaxoon’s connecting tools allow you to collaborate in the office and out. Get everyone on board, from all over the world.

from idea to action

brainstorming ideas in real time

Think. Outside the box.

With Brainstorm, go from idea to action and get things done. Share ideas, manage projects or organize agile workshops. The possibilites are infinite.