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Klaxoon Box

Klaxoon won the CES Innovation Awards in 2016Klaxoon Box, an innovation awarded at CES 2016

Use your Klaxoon apps even without an Internet connection.

Our CES 2016 award-winning Klaxoon Box generates its own WiFi network.
Klaxoon can be used anywhere, without worrying about your Internet connection.
Until 50 team members can interact simultaneously.
Run your working sessions in full autonomy through a reliable and secure digital environment.
  • Klaxoon Box, a plug and play innovation for your meetings

    Plug and play

    In one click, the Klaxoon Box brings a new dimension to your workspace.

  • Klaxoon Box, a mobile collaborative tool

    Efficient and compact

    Take your Klaxoon Box on the road for efficient teamwork anywhere.

  • Secure access to Klaxoon collaborative apps

    Data security

    Access to Klaxoon apps is fully secure.

A suite of Apps.
Endless possibilities.

100% independent and secure collaborative tools.