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the collaborative apps suite, for efficient teamwork.

Klaxoon is the meeting revolution.
The days of passive presentations are over! With Klaxoon, everyone takes part.
Use your phone, tablet or computer to participate, vote, react and brainstorm in real time.
  • Collaboration at Klaxoon

    100% participation

    In the office or on the road, your team keeps sharing with our apps suite.

  • Klaxoon, collaborative apps suite

    Endless possibilities

    Quiz, Brainstorm, Survey, Word Cloud, Challenge, and more... our apps are designed to foster collaboration.

  • Klaxoon, web-based apps suite

    No install needed

    Connect and access Klaxoon apps instantly, from any device.

Apps crafted for you and your team.

  • Efficient working session with Meeting apps
  • Brainstorm, the collaborative tool to set creativity free
  • Continuous improvement with Klaxoon
    Test & Learn
  • Efficient remote collaboration with Network


Turn spectators into actors.

Increase collaboration in meetings with our Challenge, Vote, Storm and Meeting apps. Get your team 100% engaged, allow everybody to participate and generate feedback in the room or from the distance.

Embed existing slide decks or create new ones from our Meeting app. Synchronise and share your screen with your team. Boost live participation with polling, challenges and word clouds. Content is shared live, allowing everybody to react and see the group's opinion in real time.

Stopwatch, timer, pausing are additional features you can use to set the pace and manage time better. Get your meeting minutes in one click and divide meeting time per two.

Teamwork and collaboration with KlaxoonCollect more feedback during your meetings
  • Word cloud in participative meeting

    100% participation

    Free speech and get everybody to share inside the meeting room or from the distance.

  • Survey data live visualisation

    Get instant feedback

    Vote, survey, word cloud and more, the group's opinion is visualized in real-time.

  • Vote data live visualisation

    Save time

    Instant round table, automated meeting minutes and more. Cut your meeting time in half.

You're going to love meetings.


Jump from ideas to action.

With our Brainstorm app, set your team's creativity free. Share ideas, run projects, manage your team... the possibilities are endless to foster teamwork.

Participating from your own device is easy. Text, drawings and pictures are displayed instantly on our digital whiteboard. Sort information easily, gather ideas, add visual links, zoom out for an overview. Filters, tags, dimensions, likes: Klaxoon's smart sorting feature get your ideas organised faster.

Re-open your Brainstorm at anytime during a meeting, a day, or over several weeks. All participants can access the Board, even from the distance.

Brainstorming and teamworkShare your ideas simply with Klaxoon Brainstorm
  • Share your ideas in a Klaxoon Brainstorm

    Never forget a great idea

    Launch a Brainstorm in seconds and collect ideas instantly.

  • Express your creativity in a brainstorm

    Set your creativity free

    Text, drawings, pictures and more. Choose how you want to express yourself and share all your ideas.

  • Live sorting in a brainstorm

    Synchronise your actions

    Sort, categorise and filter ideas automatically. Move easily from ideas to action.

Think big.


Challenge collective intelligence.

With our Quiz, Survey, Capsule, Adventure and Mission features, test your team's knowledge and learn from each other.

Multiple choice, ranking, fill the gap, drag & drop, categorisation, team challenges and learning expeditions... Offer various learning formats to increase feedback and learn from each other on a daily basis. In the office or from the distance, team members progress at their own pace.

Create questions easily and put content (text, pictures, videos, pdf) together in seconds. Share via a URL. Content display fits all screens. Sharing knowledge is made easy. Don't waste any opportunity to make your team grow.

  • Boost interactions and collect feedback with Klaxoon

    Ask questions

    Dozens of formats available for quizzing and surveying in order to boost participation in the room and from the distance.

  • Games to learn at work with Klaxoon Adventure

    Challenge your teams

    Scoring targets, progression rules, and more. Use gamification to energize your group.

  • Adventure, knowledge sharing with gaming

    Knowledge sharing made easier

    Capsules, team challenges and learning mission, team members are learning from each others.

Test, learn, challenge


Do more in between meetings.

With Klaxoon Networks, teamwork continues in between meetings.

Networks are private groups where you can host and share Klaxoon activities. Set up a Network in seconds and invite your team members to participate without any time or storage constraints. Klaxoon activities are designed for each team member to contribute to group work in complete autonomy, from anywhere.

Thanks to Klaxoon Networks, you don't necessarily have to meet anymore in order to synchronise. At work or on the road, your team can keep up with Network activities at all times. Remote work, time differences are no longer an issue. You gain time in meeting and allow your team to be more efficient.

Network example with Klaxoon collaborative appFeedback via Klaxoon Capsule
  • Network, dedicated space for info sharing for your teams

    Stay connected with your team

    With Networks, create private groups to share Klaxoon activities, on a daily basis.

  • Remote teamwork available on all screens

    Efficient, everywhere.

    Mobile workspaces making collaboration and information sharing easier.

  • MeetingBoard, Klaxoon's mobile collaborative tool

    Reinvent your workspace

    Transform your work environment with Klaxoon tools and design spaces encouraging collaboration.

Teamwork, everyday.

A suite of Apps.
Endless possibilities.

100% independent and secure collaborative tools.