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Do more in between meetings.

With Klaxoon Networks, teamwork continues in between meetings.

Networks are private groups where you can host and share Klaxoon activities. Set up a Network in seconds and invite your team members to participate without any time or storage constraints. Klaxoon activities are designed for each team member to contribute to group work in complete autonomy, no matter where they are located.

Thanks to Klaxoon Networks, you don't necessarily have to meet anymore in order to synchronise. At work or on the road, your team can keep up with Network activities at all times. Remote work, time differences are no longer an issue. You gain time in meeting and allow your team to be more efficient.

Stay connected with your team
With Networks, create private groups to share Klaxoon activities on a daily basis.
Efficient, everywhere.
Mobile workspaces making collaboration and information sharing easier.
Reinvent your workspace
Transform your work environment with Klaxoon tools and design spaces that encouraging collaboration.

Teamwork, everyday.

Klaxoon users testify!

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