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Teamwork's new playground.

Klaxoon is joining forces with some tech industry giants and launches a smart, mobile teamworking space which is accessible to everyone. With the MeetingBoard, tear down the walls of the meeting room. Access the full Klaxoon suite of collaborative apps from the MeetingBoard. The collaboration can start immediately, anywhere in the company. In just a few seconds, the MeetingBoard allows you to connect any type of device. Make up to 50 team members interact simultaneously. Klaxoon runs on all browsers and all screen types (computers, tablets, smartphones), with nothing to install. With Klaxoon's MeetingBoard, every bit of space becomes a space for teamwork.

With the MeetingBoard,
participative meetings, everywhere.

100% participation
By allowing everybody to contribute, Klaxoon helps the team to focus on collective achievements.
100% mobile
Designed to provide you with optimum mobility and go with you anywhere.
World-class partners
Klaxoon is joining forces with some tech giants to launch the MeetingBoard.

A unique participative tech experience.

It only takes a few seconds to launch your Klaxoon apps.

The use of Klaxoon is extremely simple thanks to its intuitive design. Everyone participates at the same time, very easily.

The results and ideas generated by these activities appear on large-size touchscreen in real time.

Available in 3 sizes, from 49" to 65", this latest generation touchscreen uses a capacitive and multi-point touch technology for the ultimate experience.

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Klaxoon au bureau - board orange


49 inches (diagonal 123.2 cm)

Dimensions (LxHxD)

116 x 188 x 81.6 cm

Handle color


Length of the power cable

5 m

Total weight

71 kg

Aspect ratio



IPS LED, glass with AG coating


420 cd/m2

Response time

8 ms

Touch technology

Capacitive projected, multi touch activated finger or magnetic pointer

Anti-glare treatment



2 x 8 W (stereo)

Power of use

115 W typical, 1 W in standby mode

Klaxoon Box

32 GB SSD memory for local storage

Offline mode

Up to 50 participants, via the WIFI network, 30 m range, HTTPS encryption, public or private network (open or with password WPA2)

Klaxoon OS

Optimized interface, automatic mode selection (offline / online), collaborative apps: Meeting, Board, Quiz, Survey, Adventure, Capsule, Stats, Notes, Studio

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