Tear down the walls of your meeting rooms and use Klaxoon from truly everywhere.

5 people in a train repair shop are gathered around a Meeting Board and follow a Klaxoon session

A new teamwork playground for your team

Currently, the needs for faster and more efficient teamwork don't match the tempo of meeting space availability.

This is why Klaxoon has created MeetingBoard: a state-of-the-art, yet affordable mobile meeting space, to run ultra-participative meetings with Klaxoon from any corner of your workspace!

Klaxoon teamed up with major players in consumer electronics, such as Samsung, LG and iiyama, to ensure the highest standard of quality.

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We are proud to team up with klaxoon to make MeetingBoard available for all, so simple to use and affordable. Just imagine you can transform each place into an efficient meeting room and you will see the wonderful Return On Investment.
Frédéric Serafin
General Director at iiyama

Perfectly tailored for teamwork

With MeetingBoard, meetings can start at the touch of a button, from wherever and whenever you want. It is ideally suited for teamwork: to reflect together on subjects to be treated, problems to be solved, feedback to be discussed, or actions to be synchronized.

While working, people can stand, sit, move around, etc. It facilitates a whole new way of working and helps achieve the highest levels of team participation and engagement.

A group of people follow the presentation simultaneously on the Meeting Board and on their desktop

Ready to roll out

Thanks to MeetingBoard, take advantage of any corner of your workspace and use them for efficient and ultra-participative meetings – from the reception desk to a hallway, a factory floor, or even the coffee room.

With its custom-made handles, robust stand and wheels, sturdy overall frame, door & elevator-friendly dimensions, MeetingBoard has been designed for mobility, and can follow you everywhere.

Don't wait any longer to sync up in a minute with your team!

In a factory floor, two operators consult the MeetingBoard to see the missions of the day

The all-in-one participative meeting space

MeetingBoard is powered by Klaxoon Box, enabling a local or Cloud connection. And thanks to the embedded videoconferencing tool, you can gather people both physically and remotely when using Klaxoon.

From your daily team rituals in an open space, to project retrospectives in your client's office or brainstorming sessions during trainings, MeetingBoard is the perfect tool to run super-productive meetings and engage everyone.

everyone participates around the Meeting Board: on site or remotely, by phone, computer or from the MeetingBoard

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