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Klaxoon Store

In the heart of Paris,
a venue designed to accelerate teamwork transformation.

A 500-square meter playground split between two floors, open to all teams, for an original and immersive experience on the new ways of collaborating, and focused on action and coaching.

plenty of good ideas

Talk with Klaxoon experts to get inspired with new good ideas, practices and inspiring examples to increase efficiency in your daily teamwork.

coached with your team

Whether you come with a workshop to build or a meeting to audit, the Klaxoon Store teams are here to point you toward the right workspace, help you find ideas, examples, and the right tools to meet your collaborative needs.

universes adapted to teams

Experiment with Board's features, especially the creation of Templates, which make it easier to prepare and manage teamwork and get started efficiently with Klaxoon.
Go further and discover design thinking and visual management around a set of MeetingBoards.

a playground

Downstairs, the Playgrounds area consists of inspiring, functional workrooms of different sizes. 200 m² entirely dedicated to collaboration scenarios, remote working, or meetings. It includes real training grounds where teams train, practice, play, adjust, debrief... and transform.

an inspiring force

Find inspiration from teams around the world who are transforming their daily practices. In this place that lives via its user community, discover through practice that there are new, more effective ways to ask questions, gather your team's point of view, and meet the new challenges of multi-site, multi-team or multi-project collaboration.

Come discover the Klaxoon Store's team

In 20 minutes, visit the space and discover new ways of working as a team with Klaxoon. Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 6 PM

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Need to go further?

Our consultants are always with you online!

By appointment only
From Monday to Friday
9:30am - 6pm

85 rue d'Aboukir - Paris 2e
+33 (0)7 57 93 98 58

Bonne Nouvelle - Sentier - Réaumur-Sébastopol