Klaxoon Box

Use Klaxoon's even without an internet connection, and run ultra-participative meetings from everywhere.

Several cell phones are connected via the Klaxoon Box to follow an activity on Klaxoon

When thinking out of the box starts in the box

Can you remember the last meeting where you didn't spend the first 5 minutes struggling to find the right buttons on the screen, getting tangled in cables, and then realizing the remote control was missing batteries?

With Klaxoon Box, there's nothing to install and no need for internet access. Reach the highest level of interaction with your team during meetings and workshops, and push the limits of efficient meetings from anywhere.

Boasting such exclusive technological innovation, Klaxoon Box has been awarded all over the world, namely at the CES Innovation Awards in Las Vegas.

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One Button. Fully independent. Just like you

As a plug-and-play solution, Klaxoon Box can be used from absolutely anywhere, without worrying about your internet connection.

To turn it on, you just have to push one button and that's it. Klaxoon Box generates its own WiFi network, with all Klaxoon activities embedded inside.

Connect yourself and your team to the Box, and simply start your meeting. You can connect up to 100 team members and interact simultaneously.

A Klaxoon Box and a Klax Klaxoon on the roofs of Boston

Highest levels of interaction, even offline

With Klaxoon Box, your meetings are as participative as if you were working on Cloud. Every day, choose how you want to work with Klaxoon. First, prepare an activity online, then run it locally from Klaxoon Box, and analyze the results online.

Everything is done to make your life easier, and allow you to reach the highest levels of interaction and engagement with your team, regardless of your internet connection.

A participative meeting with remote people and others on site, connected on their computer or on the MeetingBoard

Secured meetings, everywhere

Klaxoon Box is highly appreciated by teams, animators and trainers who need to work everyday from various locations. Compact, it fits right in your suitcase. Robust, it will follow you around without a problem.

And there's more: Klaxoon Box allows for full control of data and guarantees full data privacy. Also used in the aeronautics and governmental strategic sectors, it provides a highly secure environment for all your work.

Two people outside are safely connected thanks to the Klaxoon Box

Choose the capacity that best fits your needs

With up to 100 people connected at the same time, benefit from a secure teamwork experience from anywhere.

20 people

Ideal for a meeting or training room.

50 people

Ideal for a strategic management committee.

100 people

Designed for large group meetings.

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