QA & Automation Engineer (F/H/X)

Product (R&D)
Full remote or Rennes

The opportunity

💡 You'll be part of the R&D team, made up of 70 people (developers, data, devops, qa, product owner, engineering manager). We work as a features team, divided into 3 main functional areas whose objectives are:

  • Enable efficient collaborative working via our Board tool (whiteboarding and visual management), with a strong focus on performance, fluidity and ease of adoption.
  • Create a space for strong participation during meetings and workshops, whatever the location of participants (synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid).
  • Facilitate the integration of our tool into companies' information systems (SSO, SCIM, OKTA, Teams, etc.) and via public APIs (

2 cross-functional team offer their business expertise to support the features teamsin design and delivery :

  • The 'DataSecOps' team, whose objective is to build a secure and resilient infrastructure that can be deployed on an ongoing basis and enables a detailed analysis of usage.
  • The UXDesign team, a team of UX - UI experts whose objective is to build a fluid and efficient user interface with an elegant design.

🤝 What your day-to-day will look like

We're pragmatic, and we use what works for us. That's why you won't hear about SCRUM or Kanban with us. We use our own processes inspired by these agile methods. For example, we don't estimate tasks (#noEstimate), prioritizing them by value, both functional and technical.

You'll be part of one of 8 feature teams made up of front and back-end developers, a lead devops, a product owner and a manager. We work on a continuous delivery basis and a sprint lasts one week.

Being part of R&D also means being part of the QA team. Every Tuesday morning, it's "Culture!" where all the testers get together to exchange best practices and tech news. It's also a good time to organize a coding dojo.

⭐ Your missions 

You will play a key role in establishing a quality culture that will help teams to improve on a daily basis and adopt best practice. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of subjects according to your skills, with your assignments focusing on the following 2 areas:

🚀 Enable the delivery of quality content : 

  • Define and manage the test strategy and plan for your functional scope.
  • Design and implement tests (unscripted and scripted).
  • Execute tests (scripted and exploratory) and report results.
  • Automate regression tests.

🚀 Promote quality within your feature team and R&D :

  • Support your team's developers in their testing practices.
  • Contribute your expertise and help achieve the fair quality defined by the team.
  • Be a driving force within the testing community.

💻 The technical stack

  • React, Javascript/Typescript
  • Node.js et framework Fastify 
  • Jest, react-testing-library 
  • PHP 8, Symfony 5
  • Redis, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ
  • Test : TestCafé (Node JS) & Playwright
  • Git/Gitlab, Docker
  • Cloud & Kubernetes

You are:

🎯 The profile we're looking for is a dynamic, inquisitive person with 2 years' experience in the world of testing.

  • You've already used automation tools and know a programming language
  • You've already taken part in the industrialization of tests (in the continuous integration chain)
  • You have experience of agile testing practices (example mapping, etc.)
  • You have a good testing culture and a desire to improve your practices
  • You're curious and you know the world of the web

🌏 You'll have the option to work from home completely from anywhere in France or taking advantage of our premises in Rennes by working from home up to 4 days a week.

👉 Recruitment process

There are 4 stages to our process:

  • You will have an initial discussion with a tech recruiter who will introduce you to Klaxoon.
  • Then a second meeting with a QA engineer and an engineering manager to give you more details about your day-to-day work and that of the R&D team.  You may also be offered a technical test, which you can carry out at home.
  • You will then meet Yohan (head of engineering manager) and Benjamin (tech manager), who will tell you more about the tech environment and the career paths on offer.
  • Finally, there will be a 30-minute chat with Hervé, our CEO, to finalise the process.

What we offer

  • 30 days paid holiday per year
  • 4 days RTT for 2023
  • Additional days of holiday depending on seniority
  • 60% health insurance cover for you and your children
  • A monthly allowance for teleworking, whether you work in hybrid or full remote mode
  • 75% reimbursement of public transport season tickets or access to a sustainable mobility package worth up to €200 a year
  • Holiday vouchers worth up to €200 with the participation of the CSE
  • Participation in training courses, conferences and tech events
  • The opportunity to choose your equipment (Mac/PC, OS), which will be supplied by Klaxoon (screens, ergonomic chair, dock, etc.).

Klaxoon Spirit

The Klaxoon spirit is shared by the interactive team and is based on 3 key concepts:

  • Interactive Spirit: We take care to maintain this unique state of mind between passion, creativity and energy. We cultivate our differences, encourage dialogue and exchange, share our expertise and innovate every day.
  • Interactive spaces: Klaxoon spaces have been designed to enable effective teamwork and provide an experience that reflects our product: simple, accessible, efficient, adaptable and inspiring.
  • Interactive moments: We encourage exchange and interaction wherever you are and throughout the year through team rituals and collective workshops.

We are committed to equal employment opportunities, regardless of your gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, place of origin or academic level.

Product (R&D)
Full remote or Rennes
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About Klaxoon

Our purpose is to let every team member express their full potential, be more efficient in all of their projects thanks to visual management techniques, and benefit from the full power of collective intelligence.
Run efficient workshops, trainings, team rituals and much more, while accelerating on collaboration, success and team efficiency.

Launched in 2015, Klaxoon is a French company and a member of the French Tech 120. The company has over 250 employees across the world: Rennes (HQ), Paris, Lyon, London, Frankfurt.
Klaxoon won numerous prizes including 4 CES innovation awards. Adopted by millions of teams in 120 countries, Klaxoon has 5000+ client references from SMBs and mid-size companies to universities, NGOs, and public authorities as well as 100% of French CAC 40 companies and 15% of the Fortune 500.