Work from home: how to work remotely effectively with your team?

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Work from home

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Remote work, team synchronization, virtual project management… Discover tips for working effectively in a remote team, with Klaxoon.

How to make meetings where everyone participates, even remotely? How to lead workshops, brainstorms when all or part of the team is not in the same room? How can we make sure that projects move forward, that information flows well while the teams are spread over several locations and see each other less frequently?Learn the daily practices of remote teams that work efficiently with Klaxoon.

100% remote participation

Today, remote meetings are held over the phone and / or using video conferencing tools. Just a webcam is not enough to participate in a meeting. It is essential that everyone can express their point of view so that ideas are debated leading to concrete actions.

Tammy Bjelland is the Founder and CEO of Workplaceless, an elearning company that trains teams on how to work, lead, grow, and thrive remotely.

Patrick Chossat, Head of Continuous Improvement at RGIS, says that before, no one was speaking in a meeting, that those dialing in remotely would cut off the sound of their phones. Now with Klaxoon, everyone is participating and these team meetings are highlighted with exchange and sharing.

Synchronize actions

When remote working, it's challenging to have the same level of information, to keep up with other people's work, to follow the progress of their projects.

Team rituals, derived from Agile Methods, make it possible to synchronize everyone's actions throughout projects.

The Daily Meeting is a 15-minute point that brings the whole team together at the start of the day. In a concise and impactful format, everyone shares what they have planned to do during the day and if necessary, asks questions and asks for help. An effective way to stay connected to your team on a daily basis.

Another highlight of team synchronization is the weekly meeting. Lasting 45 minutes, the Weekly Meeting is the end of week meeting that allows everyone to share with their team the main actions carried out during the week and the ones planned the following week. Each member of the team thus leaves with an exhaustive vision of the direction taken by the group.

Discover the Template Weekly, a ready-to-use Brainstorm for weekly meetings

At Schneider Electric, François Martin-Festa, VP Digital Customer Experience, leads his monthly remote meetings with Klaxoon.

Remote Brainstorming

Participating in a brainstorming or workshop without being in the same room is a challenge! How do see the ideas written on a paperboard in the room when you are remote? When do you speak and give an opinion? How not to lose the conversation thread?

To be effective, the Klaxoon community of users conducts its workshops remotelywith the Brainstorm: wherever the team members are, everyone shares their ideas in the same way. There is no longer any difference in the way you express yourself and everyone is viewing the same thing at the same time.

In an infinite digital whiteboard that is shared by everyone, everyone writes their ideas in the form of text, drawing, photo, video, link to documents ... Everything is shared instantly. As the discussion progresses, we enrich each other's ideas. Thanks to the very simple toolbar, the group organizes information without limits: gather ideas, draws, zooms out to take a step back to reflect, and starts again in another spot ... the team's work takes shape before their eyes and everyone follows the evolution in real-time.

Connected with her teams in Lyon and Marseille, Hélène Blanquet, Director of employee innovation and transformation at Orange, uses Klaxoon for remote workshops. With the Brainstorm Klaxoon, ideas and analyze evolves in real-time. It's simple, very visual and accessible from any location. No information is lost. A team with remote members can finally perform brainstorming sessions as if they were all together in the same meeting room.

Interactive remotely without email

When working remotely, another thing that can be complicated: is asking a question, asking for an opinion, getting feedback on a subject... in short, asking others quickly, without an email chain or calling.

The solution for thousands of Klaxoon users: Questions! Directly from an idea in a Brainstorm, team members ask a question and the recipients receive it instantly. Vote, open question, word cloud, challenge ... dozens of formats to easily ask questions and get consolidated feedback. It is now possible to work efficiently remotely.

Here, a person has thought about the processes of 3 customer visits. To help her decide, she seeks the advice of two members of her team by asking them a Vote question. Within a few minutes, she was notified of the response and comments. Everything is consolidated: no need to read several emails or discussions. Decision making is made easy.

This is ideal as there are many benefits to remote work:

  • saving time by not commuting and reducing costs: on average 1 hour and half of transport time saved on the teleworking days and $ 124 / month of additional purchasing power (childcare costs, transport, lunch …).
  • greater efficiency and improved well-being at work. According to a study by Malakoff Médéric Humanis and the FIFG, 79% of business leaders believe that remote work allows for increased engagement and greater team productivity.
  • a better balance between professional and personal life, thanks to greater flexibility in schedules and greater autonomy.
  • a reduction in absenteeism and tardiness. A government study estimates a 33% reduction in workplace absenteeism among remote workers.

Working remotely is simple, you just need to have the right tools to be able to do from home exactly the same things as when we are all together at the office.

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