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With Klaxoon, ENGIE Cofely divides by 2 the duration of its issue resolution workshops

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Stéphane Audrain
Performance and continuous improvement Manager at ENGIE Cofely

In charge of QSE and LEAN management at Engie Cofely, Stéphane Audrain uses Klaxoon to build collective intelligence and solve problems. With Klaxoon, the team collaborates synchronously or asynchronously during remote or physical meetings. The results are: a meeting time divided by 2 and the possibility to share its ideas everywhere, all the time!

An issue resolution workshop carried out in 30 minutes only.

During issue resolution workshops, the QSE team used to write ideas on paper. Today, Stephane Audrain uses Klaxoon to facilitate her workshops according to the Ishikawa method, also known as fishbone. The objectives are to challenge the existing systems, to trace the roots of issues to solve and to enable the team to speak freely on those matters. With Brainstorm, ideas can be organized in a visual way: with a simple click, they are automatically categorized with the Smart Zone feature. In an executive committee or with the team, the instinct is to use Brainstorm, which is directly accessible from Microsoft Teams, for all collaborative moments!

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