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Using Board, Alexia accompanies Nexity's talents with facilitation workshops

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Alexia Engeldinger
Talent Management Officer at Nexity

Alexia is in charge of the accompanying and training of the NEXT program at Nexity. It gathers the group's talent pool. She uses Klaxoon to digitalize all her workshops and to facilitate them remotely. Workshops are paced, ideas readable and all the participants can access the Board at all times, even after the workshop!

Hour and half long workshops with 4 facilitators.

Alexia draws from Klaxoon Templates to prepare her own Board upstream with 3 other facilitators. To begin with, a TeamMood Icebreaker is launched in plenary, facilitated in videoconference via Teams. The participants are then divided into 4 groups to express themselves on a given subject. Discussions are reproduced in the shared Board and a word cloud is launched to collect some feedback. With Klaxoon, facilitators have all the keys needed to accompany the high potentials and to mobilize the collective intelligence.

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