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This photo shows the team staging their very own remake of “Chariots of Fire” to celebrate winning an Amazing Team Award. You can see the photo as a group of people in t-shirts running along the water’s edge - or you can look deeper and get an idea of what makes this an Amazing Team.

In the video, there are 120 talented staff, and as many career paths in software, change management, digital transformation, learning, design, project management, security and many other areas. And it’s all these years of experience that are sending Klaxoon’s tools out across the world.

Everyone was hard at work when they were told that they needed to recreate the scene - in 15 minutes’ time!

The idea of featuring the entire team came from just a small group of people. They prepared the shoot in secret, marking out points on the beach and sourcing 150 outfits, ready to spend the work session jogging in the waves

Dare to take the plunge

And it’s precisely because the team is ready to listen to even the craziest ideas suggested by a minority, because they love a challenge, and because it’s flexible enough to move faster than the rising tide, that it was possible to film this scene 😉.

You don’t get 120 people to run in the sea in the middle of winter by accident. It takes enthusiasm, respect and a sense of adventure.

You have to be prepared to leave your comfort zone, challenge the status quo and listen to others - all the things we strive for every day, and that make all the difference.

Just look at their smiles, their sense of teamwork and how they relish a challenge.

Watch the pink wave gearing up to #MakeTheWorldKlaxoon

Just an Amazing Team.

You too can adopt Klaxoon!

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