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Teamwork is changing. The new Klaxoon Store, located in central Paris, is an attempt to find more efficient, more concrete, and more participative ways of helping people change their practices.

It is in the heart of one of Paris's oldest neighborhoods – where the street names evoke Egypt – that the new Klaxoon Store has opened. Just 20 years ago, this neighborhood was still a veritable hive of collaboration, devoted to craftsmanship and the textile industry. The success of these artisans depended on their capacity to work together and draw inspiration from their surroundings to constantly invent new models. The neighborhood is now enjoying a new lease of life thanks to the digital economy and its artisans.

The transformation begins here

So, the location is meaningful for Klaxoon and its new store, which was designed to accelerate the transformation of teamwork. To enable everyone to get down to action, Klaxoon designed the store as a 500 m² playground over two floors, open to all kinds of teams. Working at their own pace, autonomously, and in an environment that epitomizes the spirit of Klaxoon, people can familiarize themselves with the range of collaborative products and begin their collaborative transformation.

Full of good ideas

Whether you only have a few minutes to share a coffee with a colleague or you are there for several hours to take part in a workshop, an event, or a conference, your time at the Store well change your approach to teamwork.

Visitors in a hurry will still be able to go home with a Sample; an activity to test with their team. Chatting to Klaxoon's experts – on any subject, even for just a few minutes – will allow you to pick up loads of good ideas, good practices, and inspiring examples for more efficient everyday teamwork. The Store's capacity for transformation is also a function of innovative methods like Klaxoon's Workshops, which draw inspiration from another local specialty, Boulevard theatre, to encourage you to shake up your collaborative methods. Three of the workshops on the bill in December and January are “Mais qui a tué, la réunion ?”, “L’équipe n’avait pas tout dit…”, and “Demain, je télé-travaille”.

Supporting teamwork

The Klaxoon Store also sets itself apart through its innovative design focused on supporting teams. Whether you are there to design a workshop or audit a meeting, the Store's team is committed to facilitating change management by pointing you towards the right area and giving you ideas, examples, and tools that will meet your collaborative needs.

An environment that meets the needs of teams

In the "Do-it-Yourself" corner, the priority is experimenting with Klaxoon 3's functions, in particular the creation of Templates, which help users prepare and manage teamwork and adopt the tools. A little further, a set of MeetingBoards will help you discover design thinking and visual management.

A playground

Downstairs, the Playgrounds area is devoted to simulating collaborative situations, remote working, or meetings. It includes real training grounds, where teams receive coaching, play, make adjustments, debrief, and ultimately adapt their methods. This extraordinary 200 m² area is available to all Klaxoon users who want to challenge the status quo of their meetings and workshops or their training and project management methods. It forms a series of inspiring and functional workspaces of varying sizes that are reminiscent of the world of videogames. Each one has a distinctive style and meets a specific need or a specific type of collaboration. And finally, the amphitheater allows larger teams to take part in workshops and envisage new practices using Klaxoon.

Driving inspiration

The Klaxoon Store is a venue that is in step with Klaxoon's community of users. People go there to draw inspiration from teams that are shaking up their practices and delivering video testimonials from all over the world: from the first eco-city in Africa to stores on Fifth Avenue, New York. There is a plethora of collective achievements from Klaxoon's users in all four corners of the world.

The new Klaxoon Store is a unique, immersive way to experience new methods of collaboration, with a focus on action and support. An open and inviting place where you may be surprised to learn through practice that there are new, more efficient ways of asking questions, collecting your colleagues' opinions, and meeting the new challenges of multi-site, multi-team, and multi-project collaboration.

Address: 85 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

Official opening: 2 December. Open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 7 PM

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