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Sebastien organizes the life of 30 000 students in the multi-campus university of Rennes 1

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In the Student Life Unit at Rennes 1 University, Sébastien facilitates a team of 12 students "info-relays" located on different campuses. By centralizing their ideas in a Klaxoon Brainstorm, SketchMyProject template, Sébastien improves the coordination of the communication actions and of the events, and it's a time saver!

It's a lot easier because I have everything in one place, I went from 3 months of data collection to a balance sheet that I can do in two weeks. It enables me to be a lot more with them on the field, that's what I missed and I was able to win it back this year.
Sébastien Rondel

Coordinate actions while being located in different places.

The information and student life Unit is often requested by the other university's units to communicate to all students. In order to cover all campuses, which work differently, Sébastien goes through the 12 "info-relays" people who are located in different places, have different timetables. Thus, it is not easy for Sebastien to gather them in a same and at the same time. Thanks to a common Brainstorm, the team organize itself faster: each member takes note of the information and moves forward when available. They call out to each other with Question if needed. That way, communication within the team and on the campuses is harmonized.

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