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Marianne does her UX workshops remotely

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Marianne Comps
Digital consulting manager, ISIA

ISIA's teams use Brainstorm to facilitate UX (User eXperience) workshops remotely. They took advantage of the containment period to rebuild one of their website's section.

Marianne and a dozen people who are representative of the company's business line met, remotely, to work on the user experience notion.

UX designers, recruitment, communication, management: a multidisciplinary team worked together!

Before the workshop, personas are defined by the UX designers thanks to a Klaxoon Capsule containing Survey questions. The results are shared in a Brainstorm and the personas are used during the workshop. All the participants give their feedbacks and pool their ideas to come up collectively with a first structure.

And the result is? In 3 hours, more than 150 ideas are generated and a tree view is approved.

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