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At the beginning of the week, the Mixed Duo by Marc Guillemot, consisting of Cassandre Blandin and Matthieu Damerval, arrived in Nantes, the starting point for the 50th Urgo Solitaire du Figaro race. It is set to be a huge first for the two rookies!

Taking on the Urgo Solitaire du Figaro to learn and progress

So far this year, these two talented young Klaxoon employees have competed in the Solo Maître Coq and the Solo Concarneau. They treated these events as training races, because they were still familiarising themselves with their boats and with offshore racing, but the races had another important function too: they qualified the two young skippers for the legendary Urgo Solitaire Le Figaro race.

Passing on knowledge

Although they are new to this level of competition, Cassandre and Matthieu have the backing of their coach, Marc Guillemot, who is committed to passing on the experience he has gained over many years of offshore racing.

But the process needs to work both ways. Despite their lack of experience in offshore racing, the pair are driving the project forward thanks to their youth and the vision drawn from their different backgrounds. Marc Guillemot

Sharing information and exchanging views

During the pre-season races, Cassandre and Matthieu honed their skills as they discovered offshore racing and observed how the boat reacted in a range of conditions.

Marc shared with us his extensive experience of offshore racing, and in particular how he manages tiredness, food, and sleep out at sea. His support is really an advantage. Cassandre, Skipper, Klaxoon Mixed Duo

It’s thanks to this joint preparation that the Mixed Duo are able to look to the Urgo Solitaire du Figaro with confidence. It’s another new race, and there will once again be much to learn.

As a pair of rookies, we have twice as many problems, but we’ve got two brains to help us find the answers! Marc has put together an entire team for us, with Christian Dumard, our meteorologist; Delphine Lauriot-Prévost, our sophrologist; Alex, Marc’s former fitness coach; and Edouard, who has taken over. We could never have got where we are today so quickly if he hadn’t organised all this for us. He told us that we could consider our Urgo Solitaire du Figaro a success if we improved between the beginning and the end. Matthieu, Skipper, Klaxoon Mixed Duo

These two resolute and determined rookies are now working hard to stay focused until the starting gun fires at 4.25pm on Sunday 2 June!

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