Klaxoon honored at Sorbonne University for its ability to change how teams work.

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Teamwork champion, Klaxoon, wins the Innovation Teams Best Practices Award.

This award is given by the Paris Club of Innovation Directors, the European Institute of Creative Strategies and Innovation, and Sorbonne University's Innovation and Technology Management Master's Program.It recognizes teams that have shown vision and tenacity to design and launch innovative projects.

Innovation by Klaxoon: revolutionizing how we work

Klaxoon’s multidisciplinary team boasts experts in design, hardware, software, teaching, and Agile methods. The start-up usesteaching techniques to create fast, simple solutions to finally make teamwork effective. Their innovative approach can help any organization boost its performance. The collaborative tools it creates have won rave reviews from a wide range of companies.Klaxoon also won over the jury following a stringent analysis of the product's ability to transform best practices and be adopted by users.The Innovation Team Best Practices Award recognizes the achievements of a team of 140 experts who share the same passionate belief: that nothing can stop a team that works together effectively.

A team is far more effective when it shares knowledge. We make it easy to share that knowledge.

Matthieu Beucher – CEO of Klaxoon.

The Klaxoon mindset: making teamwork effective

Klaxoon has reinvented teamwork through a set of collaborative tools that can be used by anyone to ignite collaboration on a daily basis. For the past two years, Klaxoon has helped thousands of teams of all sizes, throughout the world, make their in-person and remote meetings more effective. Average meeting times are halved, ten times more ideas are produced, and three times more decisions are made. Companies can use Klaxoon’s tools daily to help with their digital transformation by boosting team creativity, and promoting collaborative work, innovation, and idea-sharing. Klaxoon was launched after two years of research and development and tests with major brands such as L'Oréal, Schneider Electric, and Thales. Klaxoon's fun-to-use, collaborative, and engaging solutions have already received two prestigious CES Innovation Awards.

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