Klaxoon awarded 5th Best Workplace by Great Place to Work Institute


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Klaxoon is celebrating its first participation and subsequent first entry into the GPTW rankings, earing a prestigious 5th place finish in the company of giants like Decathlon, SalesForce, and Leboncoin.

This ranking is based on a several-month-long, in-depth investigation including a thorough audit process, 70 questions, and anonymous questionnaires from all team members.

94% of our employees say: "Here [at Klaxoon], I can be myself"

This is the real challenge for Klaxoon: letting everyone express their personality, talent, and ideas; encouraging greater information sharing through participative technologies, all in the goal of better teamwork collaboration.Klaxoon's suite of collaborative apps, born in 2015, was born from these deep-seated convictions.

Diversity makes a strong team

At Klaxoon, no one works alone. Teamwork is everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Teams are built for projects where continuous exchanges, feedback, and shared experiences are encouraged.Every day, we make a point of rediscovering each other, maintaining curiosity, and making listening to our colleagues a real priority.Whether it be with our thousands of users, spread among different fields, or new arrivals within our team, our team continuously comes up with new forms of interactions.

« All I need is five minutes »

On Wednesday, to celebrate the GPTW award, the team thought up an activity to reflect our mindset: Rediscover each other in just 45 minutes.150 employees split into 30 groups, 210 meetings,7 rotations, 7 thematic discussions, all done using Klaxoon.The result? One giant brainstorm, more than 1,000 shared ideas including, but not limited to, our birthplaces, professional backgrounds, trips, passions, and more!A great time where everyone got to know a bit more about their colleagues. Hair blowing in the wind, smiles upon every faces; a new way of working: Efficient. Enjoyable.

And since our Klaxoon campus is located less than 40 minutes from the sea, the Klaxoon team has been able to give you this moment of sharing, of pleasure, and of interactions:

« a Teamwork Odyssey »

(Very) loosely based on Stanley Kubrick's film: "2001 : a Space Odyssey"

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