In Las Vegas the first step of the Klaxoon Teamwork Tour ignited the Meeting Revolution with over 2,000 people

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From January 8th to the 11th, Klaxoon was in Las Vegas for a double event: the launch of Klaxoon3, the new version of the platform that optimizes meetings; and the first step of its Teamwork Tour, a tour of the USA in order to meet thousands of teams to accelerate the Meeting Revolution in the USA.

For its fourth participation at the CES in Las Vegas, Klaxoon set up in the business pavilion at WestGate to launch Klaxoon3.

Within their stand - heavily inspired by the premiere at the Centre Pompidou in Paris that brought over 2,000 people together in November - that visitors from all over the world came to discover “Questions”, the most effective tool to ask your team questions, and the new Brainstorm, the gold standard of Brainstorming tools.

KLAXOON was in #EurekaPark and now they are in #LVCC West just 2 years later... the location in the #CES is an indicator of the maturity and success of a start-up. BRAVO for this upward trajectory in a French company. #meetingrevolution #ces2019

Laurent Eisenman, on Twitter

One of my best experiences in my professional life. Going to the American desert near Las Vegas to do a workshop with Klaxoon about the new ways of working.

Aurélien de Nunzio, on LinkedIn

@Klaxoon had such a cool booth at CES! I loved learning more about this web app that clearly can make work meetings/everyday tasks much easier. Looking forward to using Klaxoon myself.

Maleeha Hamidi, on Twitter

The CES was also the first step of Klaxoon’s TeamWork Tour. Hitting 16 major cities over 11 weeks onboard a truck serving as a new type of workspace, Klaxoon’s teams are going to meet thousands of Americans to explore the future of work, design thinking, and new ways of working.

In the Mojave desert, 30 minutes from the effervescence of the CES, Klaxoon’s teams have already welcomed hundreds of people in a unique, relaxing venue.

Thanks, Klaxoon, for this extraordinary meeting in the #mojave desert!!!

Ludovic De La Monneray, on LinkedIn

Over the course of 2-hour workshops they could identify concrete actions and learn helpful hints to make their meetings more efficient and effective and to facilitate teamwork in any circumstance. In short, they learned concrete answers to the digital transformation of organizations.

I’ve been to award shows, sporting events and of course conferences such as SXSW. This one by far is the most creative activation (event planner lingo) I’ve participated in. It’s pure genius. Klaxoon took select members of the press away from the chaos of CES and transplanted us into the beautiful Mojave desert. Your only focus is the product. Can’t wait to write this up.

Rubens Saintel, on Facebook

After Las Vegas, the TeamWork Tour will move on to Los Angeles, Palo Alto et San Francisco this week. To sign up: klaxoon/teamworktour2019

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