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François Gabart
skipper & CEO MerConcept

François Gabart, the yacht racer, manages a team of 40 people within his offshore racing stable, MerConcept. Together, they work side by side while being in different locations. By adopting the Klaxoon suite of collaborative apps, they started working on visual management. Whether it's for the conception of future boats or to synchronize with a skipper at sea, the SketchMyProject Template helps them improve efficiency.

Visual management serving team performance

At MerConcept, the research unit designs the future boats and follows each step of the construction. These large-scale building projects are designed to support high-level sport performance. To improve the quality and efficiency, the staff involved work together on a common Brainstorm throughout the duration of the project. Focusing on the modeled boat, each member of the staff can progress on their own work and see everyone's on-going work.

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