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How do you create a group and manage it effectively with Klaxoon?

Julia Cantel has been Engineering Lead at EDF since 2010. At the end of 2019, she relocated to the UK to manage a major project: the construction of 2 new nuclear power plants. At the same time, Julia created an expat family group in this country. It was Klaxoon that enabled her to make sure the group ran as smoothly as possible, and encouraged group members to commit fully to welcoming and helping expat families.

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Julia Cantel
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Julia Cantel

Julia's challenge: mobilize collective intelligence to create an effective group quickly.


When she moved to the UK, Julia realized that this can be a complicated process for families who need to learn how to live in a completely new country. The health restrictions in 2020 made it even more difficult. Julia saw a need and an opportunity: to create a support group for expat families to help new arrivals in the country and promote inclusion in their new teams at EDF.

Julia soon noticed that her project was very well received by expat families, who had many needs. She wanted to help them to:

●     find accommodation quickly, by conducting virtual tours,

●     enroll children in schools and provide them with school uniforms,

●     integrate into their new teams at EDF UK.

To do this, the group worked remotely using traditional tools: emails, videoconference meetings etc. But none of these enabled Julia to actually encourage participation and mobilize collective intelligence within the group. What she needed was an online participatory project management solution, a hybrid solution that works remotely and face-to-face too.

Using Klaxoon as a project management tool and to run workshops.


It was then that Julia discovered Klaxoon and Hybrid Board and she was immediately impressed by this interactive project management solution, which makes it easy to connect group members and mobilize collective intelligence and hybrid collaboration.

Already a fan of Agile methods and brainstorming, Julia quickly started using Board. Using this tool, she put in place practical Agile methods so her team could quickly define:

●     the group's values,

●     how it operates,

●     its routines,

●     how it's managed,

●     the different communication channels.


Agile methods and whiteboards with Klaxoon |Klaxoon

In practical terms, Julia set up a routine: every month, everyone met in Live, the video conferencing tool in Board, to define one or more group priorities together. Julia used many of Klaxoon's unique features, such as the option to have timed meetings to keep them as productive as possible.

She encouraged participation and collective intelligence through surveys, idea sharing and voting to find the best ideas. This way nobody got left out and everyone had a say in how the group was managed.

And what's more it made participants more aware of the group's needs, while improving participation and engagement, which is crucial in a group.

In Julia's eyes Board is a true project management tool. She prioritized actions using an Eisenhower matrix and appointed managers (leaders) for each action. She implemented this all very quickly thanks to the efficient onboarding feature in the Klaxoon tool and the many templates, which can be installed in one click on the Board from the template library

Make efficient workshop with Klaxoon |Klaxoon

Visual management is at your fingertips with Klaxoon’s Board, and all members can access the Board from any device at any time. It’s the new way of working, hybrid and more flexible and agile than ever!

What was the outcome for Julia after using Klaxoon?


There were several outcomes which were almost immediate:


●     The group grew very rapidly: in just 6 months, the number of members increased from 10 to 45

●     Julia noticed that the group was always efficient. Regardless of the number of participants in meetings and workshops, every meeting produced an effective action plan

●     Feedback was immediate because all participants were encouraged to give their opinions and share their ideas

●     The Klaxoon features (voting, surveys, suggesting ideas) helped to boost the team’s participation and interest in the group: at every meeting, Julia was pleased to see that the participation and cohesion rates were 100%!

●     Having timed meetings and workshops helped them to move forward together very quickly. 

●     The different templates that Julia installed with one click on the shared Board helped to coordinate brainstorming sessions and mobilize collective intelligence. 


●     In just 4 two hour meetings participants were able to:

○     agree on all aspects of the group’s identity (values, logo, objectives)

○     select the different techniques and tools that would be used by the group,

○     build internal teams to work on a specific goal.

●     Julia appreciated Board’s very fast and simple onboarding feature. Participants could quickly understand the tool and use it to its full potential, regardless of their familiarity with digital tools.

Board example |Klaxoon


Julia managed to set up a team of volunteers and form a fully operational group in record time, composed of participants she had never even met. She found that Klaxoon is both simple enough to be used by everyone and agile enough to adapt quickly to the needs of the team. Integrated video conferencing, project management tool and visual management platform, Hybrid Board is the place where information is created and shared with an immediacy that was highly appreciated by Julia and her group. This helps to mobilize collective intelligence and improve participation and agility in a team. For Julia, it's a no brainer: Klaxoon is “the best project management tool” she could hope for!

Le Calvez
Le Calvez
Event Project Manager
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