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Thierry Rouffet
Freelance trainer

Thierry Rouffet is an independent trainer in purchase negotiation. Buyers, managers, marketing assistants: throughout the year, he trains groups of people with varied profiles. With Klaxoon, Thierry has revolutionized his training! Before starting the training, he offers his learners an icebreaker to get to know each other. With the "if I were" Chinese portraits game, he creates a favorable climate to learning, placed under the sign of respect, trust, listening and mutual sharing. On D-Day, no more drawn-out round of discussions: 45 minutes are saved for the application.

The Chinese portrait to get to know each other.

Before the training, each person is invited to send and place six ideas in a Brainstorm to draw his or her Chinese portrait: and if I were... a picture, a job, a city, an everyday object, a drink, a moment of the day. To start the training, Thierry displays the Brainstorm. Together, they bounce on the ideas sent by the group and share anecdotes. Participants feel they know each other and everything is conducive to sharing from the very first minutes of the training. The tone of the training is set: dynamic, rhythmic and interactive.

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