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Philippe Métais
Research and Development Innovation Data-Valorization, GRDF

In charge of Research and Development, Innovation at GRDF, Philippe is a member of the Regional Management Committee. Every Monday morning, the management committee meets to synchronize the different business lines and to make decisions. The implementation of a weekly ritual with the Brainstorm reduced the meeting duration: they went from 3 hours to only 1 hour, by using Klaxoon!

To boost the weekly meetings, the executive committee uses Brainstorm.

Every Monday, before the executive committee meeting, each member posts 3 ideas in the Klaxoon Brainstorm, opened beforehand to prepare the meeting. During the meeting, the executive committee reviews these ideas, discusses, arbitrates, makes decisions. The decisions made are written and posted in the Brainstorm in red. To close the meeting, the executive committee makes a screen print with the Brainstorm's "Capture" tool and shares all the decisions with the teams.

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