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Cécile Ollivon
Corporate Change Manager at BNP Paribas

Cécile accompanies transformation and managerial innovation projects to better understand the transformation that collaborators have to face today. Within those activities, Cécile facilitates brainstorming workshops to think about new actions, new ideas and opportunities to help the bank adapt to its new practices. They use Klaxoon to coordinate with all the collaborators better.

Board to generate new ideas

During her ideation workshops, Cécile gathers collaborators, headhunters and managers on a Klaxoon Board. They share their necessary skills to define the profiles of "tomorrow's bankers". Board enables to generate new ideas, to speak up, to dig further into subjects, to participate and to exchange. With the ideas shared collectively in ideation mode, everyone is able to answer a survey with the skills that seem necessary. Workshops usually last 3 hours in a room. With Klaxoon, Cécile is able to save up to 1h15 for the collaborators who feel more free and at ease during their exchanges.

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