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University of Rennes 1 and Klaxoon launch an innovation partnership in order to develop new teaching and collaborative practices as they connect 33,000 students, professors and staff on campus. This announcement in September makes official a long last-lasting collaboration between the two organizations.

As Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon's CEO, was pointing out at the start of the press conference early this September, the University of Rennes 1 has positioned itself as a partner from the very first days of the company adventure as it launched several experiments of Klaxoon's technology in the classroom over the past years. Three years later, supported by the feedback of early-adopter Faculty members and the University's instructional technology team, both parties officially join forces in order to launch an ambitious and unique initiative in the educational world aiming to grant access to Klaxoon's collaborative technology to all audiences on campus (students, faculty and staff).

As University of Rennes 1's President David Alis clarified during the press conference, the goal of this partnership is two-fold as (1) it will offer for Faculty to "keep experimenting new instructional dynamics" through the use of Klaxoon's technology in the classroom while (2) students will be able to use the collaborative apps for group projects and therefore build efficient teamwork skills that "will prove to be valuable in the workplace" when they graduate.

Why using Klaxoon in class?

Regarding Klaxoon's use for instructional purposes, the aim is to offer a richer learning experience to students.

"What we noticed at first was that students, though surprised, show an immediate interest for this gamified approach. Soon they identified the instructional benefits to it. (...). This is great, it boosts engagement, keeps them focused and more importantly they retain knowledge better! Everybody feels free to participate and express their opinion." Nathalie Payelle, University of Rennes 1

Praised in global rankings for teaching excellence, University of Rennes 1 therefore seeks to embed Klaxoon in its existing instructional methodology. Klaxoon's collaborative apps suite will be integrated in the Faculty's instructional toolbox as a digital complement available to add extra engagement in class if need be.

"We noticed a tangible impact on students' attendance during lectures, with 90+% of them showing to all lectures this Semester." Ludovic Babin, University of Rennes 1

In order to maximize Klaxoon's impact on campus, capture and document best practices and suggest new features, the University's instructional technology team and Klaxoon's experts will be working closely with Faculty members.

Klaxoon for students?

In order to source graduates ready to perform in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world of work, companies seek soft skills on top of quality education and diploma. As companies put a stronger emphasis on collaboration in order to tackle current challenges, teamwork abilities become key skills to demonstrate for employees. By offering for students to use Klaxoon during their degree, University of Rennes 1 reinforces its focus on embedding soft skills development in its curricula and looks to boost its graduates' employability.

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