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At Orange, Klaxoon helps the project's management and the continuous improvement along.

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Jérôme Le Hénaff
Third Parties RIP project manager at Orange

To find solutions destined for optimizing the fibre deployment, Jérôme prepares and facilitates coconstruction workshops remotely with 20 people located in the Great West region of France. As a result: an efficient and dynamic remotely collaboration, to get ideal solutions and a continuous improvement!

Coconstruction workshops carried out 100% remotely with Klaxoon.

Originally, Orange's functional teams located in the Great West of France had to meet physically on a regular basis to review the fibre deployment. With Klaxoon, Jérôme facilitates all his workshops remotely and brings the teams together on a Network to collaborate effectively on different topics. From the icebreaker to prioritizing tasks right through the retrospective, Brainstorm is the only workspace able to manage projects and to mobilize collective intelligence on continuous improvement.

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