Annual workshop: a major event that brings the whole team together

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Annual workshop

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Every year, Klaxoon teams gather for the Interactive Amazing Afternoon. It is an opportunity for the 200 staff, who are based on different continents, to get together, celebrate the year’s successes and take part in a unique collaborative experience.

2018-2019: the year of #NextLevel

In 3 years, the Klaxoon workforce has grown from 5 people to 200 people. We have opened offices in New York, Boston, Paris and Lyon, and doubled the size of our premises in Rennes. The Interactive Amazing Afternoon is the high point of the year, a chance for all the staff to catch up with old friends and make new ones. This annual workshop is also an opportunity to take a look back at the year and remind ourselves of the achievements: entering into technological partnerships with Microsoft and Dropbox, raising $50m of funding, winning a Great Place to Work Award, passing the million-user milestone, running the Teamwork Tour, and above all, launching the new version of platform Klaxoon3.


New and improved features include upgraded and even more powerful brainstorming functions, to help you and your team collaborate in real time; an intelligent notification system; “Questions”, the fastest, simplest tool for asking questions and stimulating group discussions; and the Klaxoon app, now available for iOS and Android.

the Première of Klaxoon3 at Centre Pompidou
Over 2,000 people to the Première of Klaxoon3, at Centre Pompidou (museum in the center of Paris).

Technological partnerships with Microsoft and Dropbox

Klaxoon and Microsoft connect their collaborative tools, giving millions of Microsoft Office 365 users access to the full suite of Klaxoon tools directly from the Teams platform. Klaxoon also links up with Dropbox. Klaxoon users can now access their Dropbox documents directly from the Klaxoon platform and use them to prepare their collaborative work in the Klaxoon Studio.

Brainstorming session in Microsoft Teams with Klaxoon
Brainstorm Klaxoon in Microsoft Teams

Klaxoon is a “Great Place to Work”

In 2018, Klaxoon entered France’s Great Place to Work awards for the first time, and took fifth place. Not content to rest on the laurels, Klaxoon continues to innovate this year to reinforce team spirit and make Klaxoon an even more inspiring place to work. Initiatives announced include the arrival of a personal trainer (wow! More about that in a future blog post!); the opportunity for each team to try remote working; a “walk a mile in my shoes” day, where staff will be able to experience their colleagues’ jobs and everyday lives; and a host of other surprises.

Klaxoon employees event
One symbolic part of the IAA is when existing staff congratulates the year's new arrivals. This time there were 100 of them! And as Klaxoon continues to grow, we're looking forward to another 150 new appointments over the coming year.

Teamwork Tour: taking the meeting revolution stateside!

Visiting 16 of the USA’s most emblematic cities in 11 weeks, the Teamwork Tour offered American workers a unique opportunity to join the Meeting Revolution. On the road from Las Vegas to Austin, 10,000 people were met. The programme included workshops, master classes, keynotes, and training sessions to open participants’ eyes to the world of efficient teamwork and show them Klaxoon3 in action.

The Klaxoon truck at SXSW in Austin
The Klaxoon truck at SXSW in Austin, a stop of the Teamwork Tour in USA.

The “shake shake shake Teamwork Challenge”

The Teamwork Challenge is another key part of the IAA. This year’s version was the “shake shake shake Teamwork Challenge”. Every member of the team were invited to share their views on key topics related to the product and life in the company. Everyone chose their own topic and put together a temporary team to brainstorm. After 15 minutes, the teams put forward their best ideas, which were then challenged in front of the whole group.

Questions App of Klaxoon
  • 5 topics, 10 teams of 20 people
  • 15 minutes of brainstorming, 2,500 ideas shared
  • 5 battles, some 100 questions asked
Brainstorming session with the MeetingBoard of Klaxoon
Brainstorming in a team on a MeetingBoard Klaxoon.

Stronger together

Once again this year, the IAA proved a fantastic opportunity to progress teamwork. The depth and diversity of the questions asked, the key factors for success identified, the areas for improvement suggested, and of course all the novel ideas put forward, will fuel the work of all the teams over the coming year.

And that’s what makes teamwork so amazing!

Klaxoon Team spirit on the beach

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