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Sergio Fumio
Trainer for Alstom University

Qualified instructor within Alstom University, Sergio used to facilitate physically 8 hours long trainings. With Klaxoon, he now offers a path 100% remotely, with activities adapted to each training time. Everyone gets to participate and interaction moments are more and more frequent. The result is: a group lives a true experience which enables the members to remember durably acquired notions!

Klaxoon is the official reference tool to organize a learning session in Alstom's work setting.
Sergio Fumio

To prepare and organize his training path simply, Sergio uses Klaxoon. He launches a Meeting where he integrates his presentation. The last thing to do is to share the Meeting's code to the group. The members will then be able to participate to all the activities launched during the session! Survey, Live Questions, Word Cloud... Facilitating remotely with Klaxoon enables Sergio to encourage participation and to engage the group. Notions are acquired more easily and each member will have a good memory of the training. Another advantage: less transport reduces pollution but also enables to save time and money, for Alstom!

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Digitizing a training template

Digitizing a Training Program : Carry out, alone or as a team, a diagnosis of your training program and find the ideal way to digitize it


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