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Klaxoon partner program

Are you looking for a Klaxoon partner for support?

We select our partner upon their expertise in consulting, integration as well as change management when implementing a new tool.

Whatever your size, area of focus, we will help you find the ideal partner in our network to ensure a successful implementation.

Become a Klaxoon Partner

Are you wishing to accelerate your company's growth? Join the Klaxoon Partner Program. We work with the most innovative companies, and many of the Fortune 500.

Our platform is designed to help teams collaborate more efficiently to maintain productivity.

Why become a Klaxoon Partner?

Join the network
Join the leading companies in digital collaboration and collective intelligence.
Boost your growth
Boost your growth and help your clients speed up their teamwork transformation.
Enhance your expertise
Enhance your expertise and skills with the "Klaxoon Certified Consultant" certification.

Work as a team, everyday

solution provider

Klaxoon Solution Provider

Are you a consulting firm?

Whatever is your expertise: change management, agility, organization or digital transformation, Klaxoon helps you building an innovating guidance services to accelerate your growth.

reseller partner

Klaxoon Reseller Partner

Are you a reseller or a technological solution integrator? Become Klaxoon partner and broaden your offers portfolio with an innovative joint effort solution.


Become Klaxoon Certified

Are you a consultant wishing to highlight your Klaxoon expertise to your networks of contacts and your clients?
The Klaxoon certification has been designed for the platform experts as well as for the ones wishing to strengthen their skills.

Join the Klaxoon Consultant Certified community!